Common Questions


What exactly is an Online Colour Consultation (E-Consult)?

An E-Consult is a custom paint palette catered to you and your home in the form of a downloadable PDF - made by me, a professional paint consultant, all via the convenience of email.

Can you really select my paint colours through a computer?

Yes! Not only do I have an education in the field of interior design, but I have years of experience working for Benjamin Moore, at an interior design firm, and most importantly – performing extensive in home consultations for all types of clients.

What will I receive with my E-Consult?

You will receive a PDF download that includes two colours selected by me for each space in your home, along with a white trim/ceilings selection. I will also make one alteration to your colour palette if necessary.

Why would I want an E-Consult?

I’m a true believer that the colour on your walls sets the tone for your entire home – and I want to help you find that backdrop you’ll fall in love with. An E-Consult is an economical way to receive professional colour guidance, and this is all done conveniently and electronically.

How do you select my colours?

I first read your questionnaire so I can get to know you and your lifestyle. Then I go through the photos you've sent me, consider all elements of your space, and head out to the paint store to start putting your palette together.

How do I take photos of my space?

Along with your questionnaire, you will need to send two photos of each space that needs a colour selection. Please take these photos in natural daylight, with no lights on, and without the flash on.

How long will it take to receive my E-Consult?

After I've received your completed questionnaire along with the photos of your space you can expect your E-Consult in 5-7 business days.

Can I talk to you on the phone?

To keep the cost of consultations low and provide an economical and efficient service I do not accept phone calls. I do allow for one email question after your E-Consult has been completed.