Feeling House-Bland? Here's How To Add Interest:

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

It's normal to feel bored with our home once in a while. It's been some time since you last painted, added new accessories or artwork, or purchased any furniture. Things can start to feel old or tired or just boring. But there's three simple fixes for these bland-home-blues!

1. Rearrange

Take a chair from your living room and move it into your bedroom and create a 'reading nook'. Switch your master bedding with the bedding from your guest room. Flip the couch to the opposing wall. Take all the items out of your display cabinet, then put them back in a completely different way. Go through your linen closet and pull out alternate pillow cases or blankets. It doesn't have to be large drastic rearranging to make the room feel fresh to you again!

2. Add texture When a space is monochromatic or very neutral, adding textures create so much visual interest! Again, keep it simple! A jute rug, a huge chunky knitted throw blanket, woven baskets, fluffy toss cushions, etc. These things all add to the layers of your home that create a whole picture.

3. Swap out colours If your accents and accessories have been navy blue for a while, it may be time to start fresh by swapping that out to charcoal grays! Whatever your colours may be when it comes to accessories you can start small and build your collection over time so as to not break the bank $$ (this is why I love neutral backdrops - accessory swapping is the BEST way to change up your home and is so much easier to do when the backdrop is versatile!)

What tricks do you have when it comes to freshening your home up?

- Elise | Professional Colour Consultant | E. Mackay Interiors