Favourite Trim Whites

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

White seems like it would be pretty simple & straightforward, right? But once you begin taking a closer look at which white you'll be painting your trim/ceilings/doors, it turns out that white is probably one of the most complex colours to select and can make a huge impact on your space.

The reason it's so complicated: it can be so easily swayed. A hint of yellow, drop of gray, the coolness of blue hues, or is it a creamy white? is it too yellow? is there a splash of pink in that white? Why is one white so crisp, while another looks muddy?

I hope my breakdown of some of my favourite whites above can answer some questions. The white you pair your colour palette with can create a smooth flow throughout your home, create crisp lines for your trim, or can also clash completely if the tone isn't quite right.

All of my custom colour consultation packages include a white selected specifically for your space. Feel free to contact me with any questions about hiring me, or go ahead and start shopping by clicking 'Shop' at the top of this page!

Do you have a white that worked perfectly in your home?

I'd love to know!

- Elise | Professional Colour Consultant | E. Mackay Interiors